Lehrstuhl für Physiologie

The Division of Physiology & Pathophysiology is part of the Otto Loewi Research Center for Vascular Biology, Immunology and Inflammation. The medical discipline of physiology provides the basis for understanding life and processes in the body, making it critical to the investigation of diagnostic methods and therapeutic and preventive measures. The finely coordinated interaction of all physical, chemical and biochemical processes in the body is regarded in order to identify which processes are responsible for health and disease. The academic staff members of the Division of Physiology represent a broad range of research areas. The division has many years of scientific expertise in cardiovascular regulation (healthy and pathological) and in vascular research including space medicine (gravitational physiology and medicine) and the exploration of pulmonary vascular diseases (e.g., pulmonary hypertension (LBI)). 


Nandu Goswami

"Interdisciplinary cooperation is essential. That is why we cooperate not only within the research center (e.g., Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Division of Pharmacology) but also with the clinical divisions Obstetrics as well as Endocrinology and Diabetology."

Nandu Goswami, Interim Head of Division


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